10-Day Operations Challenge

It's time to get your ops in order

Do you feel like you’re working too hard
and don’t have enough time in your day?

✓  There’s a much smarter way to run your business: automation and delegation
✓  We can’t be good at everything – we each have a different ‘zone of genius’ – so if you focus on those tasks that use your strengths and your genius
✓  How to: Take inventory of your systems, processes + tasks, Set up your help desk + onboarding, PM software, Leads, landing pages, + welcome series + more
✓  Work at your own pace and take 2-3 days for each lesson if needed (but don't procrastinate, set a schedule)
✓  Includes a fillable, 39-page workbook that will get delivered directly to your inbox. Print or fill it out online and save it.  

Introducing ...

What's in the Challenge?